Ropes Course


Our ropes course is an outdoor adventure program that offers groups and individuals the opportunity to participate in activities involving mental and physical challenge, and emotional risk-taking.   It is designed to create an atmosphere where growth can take place through working together as a team  The ropes course includes experiential learning in the areas of trust, communication, teamwork, risk taking and problem solving. Low Ropes activities consist of a series of initiatives designed to build problem solving skills.  Teams are required to work together to overcome the obstacles presented to them.


The High Ropes activities teach individuals about trusting themselves and other and how to work together as a team.  By participating in a series of activities near and off the ground individuals have an opportunity to explore solutions in a playful, non-threatening manner, resulting in improved communication and group problem solving skills.  Safety and cooperation, as well as individual achievement are essential to the program and are constantly reinforced by the trained instructors who guide the course.


Valley Teen Ranch also allows other groups to use our Ropes Course.  This course can help mold and shape any team, group or organization together working with each other as a unit.  Our facilitators are trained in safety issues and our Ropes Course is inspected annually and before every use. In addition to physical safety, we value the emotional safety of all participants.  We believe in “Challenge by Choice” and will respect an individual’s decision to refrain from an activity, too.



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