Residential Treatment Center

Located in rural Madera County on an 80 acre ranch, the boys are able to participate in recreational, vocational and educational activities. Over the years, two more homes were built to provide for 32 boys. Valley Teen Ranch (VTR) employs caring young men and women to help these young boys become men. There is structure, stability, supervision, therapy, school and fun at VTR. The key to our success is the relationships our staff develop with the boys.


We are working to provide the opportunity for these boys to deal with their emotional, social, mental and spiritual challenges in a safe and healthy environment. The boys are placed with us from County Probation Departments throughout the State, via a court order by the Juvenile Judge. They have committed offenses such as Assault and Battery, Grand Theft Auto, Breaking and Entering, Truancy from School, and Drug and Alcohol abuse, to name a few. They typically stay with us for 12-15 months. During that time they attend an on-site Community Day School operated in partnership with Golden Valley Unified School District. They participate in daily chores, individual and group counseling, and receive two weekly substance abuse treatment groups. They are taught by example to be respectful, polite, responsible, reliable and to tell the truth. They also assist with outdoor chores such as feeding the animals, irrigating the pastures, cleaning the swimming pool and grounds maintenance.


We also work with their families when that is appropriate and they are available. Given our support, we are hopeful that the boys will ultimately return to their homes or to a foster home as an asset rather than a liability.


The recreational opportunities they have include swimming, ropes course, horse back riding, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, weight lifting, billiards, ping-pong, camping, fishing, canoeing, running and playing all kinds of board games as well as video games. They also go on many outings including to the Ocean, the Mountains, Theme parks, Summer Camp and National Parks.


The vocational opportunities include swimming pool maintenance, woodworking, ground and building maintenance, food preparation, animal husbandry and 4-H. We are in the process of developing an automotive and welding shop.

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