Church Ministry Team

Ministry Lead
The Ministry Lead is the main liaison between the Safe Families agency and his or her church community. The Ministry Lead is also responsible for encouraging volunteers to support one another in the shared mission of serving the families who come to Safe Families for help.


Family Coach
A Family Coach is the church’s hands-on support and coordinator of the ministry team for the Host Family and the family in crisis. The Family Coach initally visits children living with Host Families once a week and guides the Host Families as they encounter the joys and struggles that come with giving themselves over to God’s plan. They receive training for this role and communicate regularly with the Family Coach Supervisor.


Host Family
The Host Family has been recommended by their church, approved by Safe Families, and has passed necessary background checks and fingerprints clearances. They have a two-fold ministry of caring for children and fostering an ongoing relationship with the parents, becoming a spiritual extended family to offer support when necessary.


Family Friends
Sometimes a parent in crisis needs more help getting back on their feet than a Host Family can provide while they are caring for a child(ren). In these situations, a Family Friend can come alongside the parent in crisis as a mentor and guide to help them make the necessary changes in their lives through prayer, modeling, conversation, assistance, encouragement, and in accessing available support services. They act as a cheerleader for their success and have empathy for their struggles. We expect that most Family Friends will begin with very little knowledge of how to access support services but will become local experts through training and experience. Placement of children is not needed for parents in crisis to be connected to a Family Friend.


Family Friends may also provide assistance to the volunteers in the Safe Families ministry through:
1) Services they can offer such as baby-sitting, transportation, yard work and hosting support groups;
2) Professional services they can offer such as physicians, dentists, mental health professionals, barbers and teachers; and
3) Physical objects they can donate such as diapers, formula, and gently-used baby equipment and children’s clothing.


Secondary Host Family
These families have been approved by Safe Families and can offer short-term and overnight baby-sitting services to primary Host Families. (For baby-sitting
that is not overnight, responsible child care providers who are not approved may be used, much as you would for your own children.)

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