Church Models and Roles

There are three levels at which your church can participate in Safe Families for Children (SFFC). Realizing that each church has its own personality and identity, the following is an outline of what it looks like to begin engaging in SFFC and grow to deeper levels of commitment if desired:


Tier 1 – Safe Families for Children Supporting Church
1. Make information about Safe Families for Children available at your church, and encourage your interested members to contact Safe Families for Children staff to get connected.


Tier 2 – Safe Families for Children Host Church
1. Designate Safe Families for Children as an official ministry of your church.
2. Assign responsibility for developing and supporting SFFC to a ministry team that will take the lead on SFFC activities.
3. Through your normal channels of marketing/pubilicity/support, ensure that your congregation knows about various opportunities to get involved with SFFC (host families, family coaches, special events, family friends, etc)
4. Recruit and support volunteers in your SFFC Ministry equipping them with resources.


Tier 3 – Safe Families for Children Hub Church
1. All Tier 1 and 2 functions
2. Commit at least one paid staff member to implementing SFFC in your community and establishing your church as a hub that other SFFC churches can get support from.
3. Develop a resource network within your church to serve host families and biological familes.
4. Network with other churches in your area to encourage their involvement in SFFC, and develop working relationships with local agencies/resource providers that biological families can access for services.
5. Publicize/Market SFFC to your local community so families at-risk are aware of SFFC.
6. Invite neighboring Tier 1 church volunteers into your support system.

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