Transitional Living Home

The VTR Transitional Living Home (TLH) provides housing and supportive services for males, ages 18–24 years old, who are homeless or transitioning from a residential or correctional facility. Mentorship and relationship building are the foundation of this program.

The goal of the program is to transition these young men to live independently in permanent housing. VTR TLH provides ongoing education in independent living skills, which includes personal care, health care, cooking, nutrition, and money management. VTR TLH professional staff guides residents in educational opportunities, employment, transportation, and community resources.


  • Homeless or transitioning from a residential or correctional facility
  • Can accept AB12 for supervised independent living requirement
  • Male, ages 18-24
  • Single


  • Independent living skills
  • Personal care
  • Health care
  • Cooking, eating, nutrition
  • Home management and safety
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Growth, Awareness, and problem solving
  • Community Access
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Employment
  • Transportation

Can you become a TLH Partner?
Why Your Support is so important

These youth are 18 years old and on their own.
Foster youth that are homeless, or those who did not did not achieve permanency. This means that they were not adopted during their time in foster care, or cannot return to their original home, so they end up alone.  When youth feel that they can make it on their and they have not tried to qualify for extended help through AB12 (a law that extends foster care through age 21 as an independent), They come to us needing guidance and care.

In addition, sometimes, life’s circumstances lead youth to homelessness for reasons like transitioning out of a residential or correctional facility. We want to help more youth succeed in life that did not have a fair start.  It is never too late.  We can help youth who are economically and emotionally detached from the family.  Those who are experiencing homelessness or live in inadequate living situations find themselves sleeping on a friends couch, staying in shelters, living under bridges and in abandoned buildings, and on the streets.

Our dream is to help end their negative cycle by providing hope and resilience for the future while thriving in a permanent, safe, and stable home.

There is no other program like ours. VTR provides mentorship, relationship building, and skills training.  We take the time that is necessary to stabilize young people facing homelessness in our area. Other area programs can only help these young men for a short amount of time.  While they provide services, there is no one to help them build a foundation for life.

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