“My experience at VTR was life changing and I was able to see that I can achieve more than I thought was possible.  I was able to play football and learn the importance of being a team player….and we won!
I have one more year of HS left and I get to play football again, too.  I want to go to college after I graduate!  Thank you for helping me to prove that I CAN make good choices.”

H. Jeffery, 2014 Graduate

I achieved something I never thought I would accomplish; getting my HS Diploma! Thanks for not giving up on me. My anger is still there but not as big of a problem because I learned how to cope with it.

V. Cameron, 2014 Graduate

I highly recommend VTR for any family looking to Foster/Adopt. The whole experience is OVERWHELMING. Having the emotional, intellectual and prayer support is integral to reduce stress and make the transition as smooth as possible

Niko, 2013 Graduate

Our family started thinking of adoption several years ago as God laid it on our hearts. We heard horror stories about some agencies, counties, etc about adopting. Some friends of ours told us about VTR and had nothing but amazing things to say about the agency. Our first call into VTR and we immediately felt like family. VTR isn’t just an adoption agency VTR is a family that not only helps families find their children but also helps them teach, care for, love, and adapt with those children through each stage of the process and beyond.”

Love our VTR family!

Josh, Marie, Logan, JP, & Emmett, 2015 Adoption

Being at VTR gave me strength to say “no” to my homeboys and to drugs.  It also helped me reconnect to my family.

Niko, 2013 Graduate